What They Said About Us

I have improved my leads quality in 3 days thanks to JustCloakIt.com platform. Affiliates, this platform is for you!
Stephen Jackob, CEO
Fast and secured IP Fraud blocking platform, I get 100% real targeted traffic - no more bots, crawlers, spy tools and scanners and undesired irrelevant traffic. I truly recommend.
Roy Fender, Online Marketing Expert
An innovative high-end platform that protects your websites & campaigns. I have tried several platforms & fraud detection services before, justcloakit.com seems to work best for me.
Jacob Hall,Affiliate Manager
Apart from its excellent GUI, built-in modules & features, and impressive abilities in fraud detection, their online support is amazing! They simply offer live support - what else you need more ?
Jean Garnier,CPA Offers Expert

About Us

Just Cloak It is a boutique private service for IP Fraud Prevention and traffic cloaking specifically aimed at on-line marketers who are interested in improving their Lead Quality & ROI by protecting their links and reducing fraudulent traffic. We currently monitor millions of visits daily and serve over 4,000 clients worldwide. Our IP Fraud Prevention platform and cloaking blocks fraud and undesired visits in real-time thus keeping our clients' websites secured & sealed from undesired traffic.

Just Cloak It, originally designed for filtering "bad" visits and reduce fraud, supports the major networks as well as monitoring organic visits and traffic. By using our advanced cloaking platform, you can view your traffic in real-time, set custom filters and apply other advanced features & modules to come up with the perfect, most suited, settings of your campaigns.

Our Skills

  • Fraud Prevention & Traffic Monitoring
  • Traffic Cloaking & Filtering
  • Locations Targeting & Matching
  • Links & Websites Protection

Our Services

Traffic Cloaking

Using our platform, you can easily cloak the most popular networks out there and get targeted traffic to your websites & offers. Our platform is updated on a daily basis with new IPs and traffic patterns as well as monitoring new networks.

Location Filters
GEO Targeting

Our platform supports all locations & countries around the world and you can always set your campaigns to either target or exclude the specific locations you want. We also offer genuine location targeting options included already in your account.

Fraud Prevention
blocks any bad IP

Aside from filtering bots, crawlers & competitors, our platform collects and filters bad IPs associated with virtual servers, virtual private networks (VPN), anonymous & private proxies, data centers, hosting ips, and many "unreal" visitors.

Offers Rotation
Urls & Pages

Using our advanced offers rotator module, you can easily A/B test your landers & offers, match your traffic locations (countries) to different landers, and match traffic sent from mobile or desktop devices to your adjusted landers, accordingly.

A sneak peek at our platform

Geo Targeting

We offer advanced GEO targeting and support all possible locations around the world. While running traffic through our platform, you will be able to view and target the user location by Country, State / Region and City levels. Our location targeting is a product of over 8 years of data collection as well as integration with 3rd party services to grant a 99.9% location match. You can also include or exclude any location you want for your campaigns.

Ad Networks

We provide cloaking solutions for most popular ad networks that provide quality traffic ranging from PPC based networks, to PPV, POP and CPA based networks. You can also use our cloaker to cloak your organic traffic sent from any search engine out there. Our flexible platform also allows you to adjust your account to cloak networks not listed on our ad networks list thus making your account with us unique and targeted to the ad networks you want to cloak.

Device Filtering

We break devices to small bits such as, Type: Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. Browser: you can target traffic by certain browsers you define such as: IE, Chrome, FF, Opera etc. and Operating System: such as: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu etc. Use our device filtering to adjust your campaigns to receive traffic from certain devices you define in your campaign setup. You can set rules to either include or exclude traffic sent from certain devices.

Script Integration

Our script integration is very simple and easy, requiring no technical or previous development skills. We support server-side (PHP) or client-side (JS) integration with your site. Our scripts include either Redirection or No Redirection integration on both PHP and JS codes.

Urls Rotation

When running traffic to offers or landing pages, it is very important to split test your urls, not just your ads to be able to find the bestselling creative. JCI cloaker supports the rotation of urls where you can define the % of traffic sent to any url you define in your account, as well as defining different urls per location. For ex, you can send 50% of your traffic to url 1 and rest to url 2.

Referrer Spoofing

Some affiliate programs don't allow cloaked traffic or direct traffic from paid ad networks. Therefore, you can use JCI Fake Referrer Module to spoof your referrer to a url you can control. That is, using our Referrer Spoofing module, you can route your paid traffic through a website you own that will function as the referring site to your offers / affiliate links thus hiding the original source of your traffic (paid ads or any source you want to hide)

Users Tagging

Tagging users with cookies is very simple. This advanced feature, allows you to tag either Real users, Bad users or both dropping a unique cookie to their browser, so the next time they visit your website, they will get redirected or blocked automatically & faster without re-evaluating their hit against the cloaker over and over. You can also set the cookie life; where default is one month.

Traffic Modeling

Our Traffic Modeling service is called The AutoBot module which runs automatically detecting traffic decrease of your cloaked campaigns. Usually, when reviewers manually review your account, they will stop your traffic for a certain period ranges from few minutes to hours or even days. Hence, once AutoBot detects that, it will pause your cloaked campaign and alert you by email when this happens. Once traffic is back to normal, our AutoBot will resume your cloaked campaign and again alert you by email.

Auto Traffic Delaying

Real-Time Traffic diagnostic and patterning is extremely important when running cloaked campaigns. Such patterns, when detected correctly, can save your accounts from future bans and expend the life expectancy of your campaigns. Our Auto Traffic Delaying algorithm will pattern your traffic in real-time, collecting as much data as possible on your traffic. If it detects certain patterns that deviate from the regular traffic flow, it will delay your cloaked campaign for certain time you define (so meantime only the safe site will be served), alert you via email, and will reinstate your cloaked campaign when traffic flow is back to normal.

TimeZone Detection

Our TimeZone detection algorithm grabs the real user's computer built-in TimeZone value and verifies it against the logical TimeZones of the locations you target for the campaign. Note that Time Zone is not calculated by the user's IP (which is far from being accurate and can be easily manipulated by using various proxies etc), but it's the real user TimeZone as defined in his/hers Computer Operating System. This is an advanced location targeting option which easily catches users behind proxies & VPNS without the need to resolve their IP.

User Response

Detecting Humans, not Devices. The User Response Module is a new advanced cloaking option that requires a human response before sending requests to our JCI cloaker API. It expects a mouse move or a screen touch (on mobile devices) from the end user during a fixed time (in seconds). This advanced cloaking option is excellent against spy tools like: AdPlexity, BoxOfAds, WRW and anti ad-fraud tools like: GeoEdge, RiskIQ, TheMediaTrust and more which all are using real devices & real residential/mobile IPs to scan your urls.

Landing Page Protection

The Landing Page Protection option blocks users who directly visited your Landing Page/Money Site and only allows users who visited your Safe Site first. This advanced technique, generates a special hashed token/cookie value that contains encrypted user data and passes it along to your Landing Page/Money Site. The Landing Page/Money Site, in returns, validates the user data that was originated by the Safe Site, and allows/blocks the user based on the existence and correctness of the data. Use this to block competitors, online thieves (who try to steal your creatives), ad spy tools, reviewers, and all kinds of sniffers.

Traffic Scheduling

Use our Traffic Scheduling option to schedule your cloaking campaigns by a given time zone, days of the week, hours & minutes. This option is great if you want to cloak your traffic on certain schedules you define. On top of that, if traffic is sent off schedule, it will get blocked automatically serving the safe site to the end user thus protecting your campaigns even when you're not next to your PC.

Tokens Passing

We collect lots of data from the end user so we will be able to pattern and filter it accurately making your campaigns super protected. Using our Tokens Passing option, you can use the data we collect and forward it to your landing pages for further data collection & analysis or for tracking purposes. This is a great option to learn your traffic and users, and to increase your campaigns ROI and revenue.

Advanced Location Rules

Detecting the exact user location is fundamental when buying traffic online and analyzing it. So, if a user lacks a location piece, it can raise a red flag about the user authenticity and true location. Using JCI Advanced Location Rules, you can filter empty location attributes such as City / Region (State) or Both/Any. Lots of Proxies, or Residential Proxies don't have a specific data about the true IP location except from the Country itself, therefore, applying this option you can protect your campaigns from potential risks.

IP-Intelligence Score

The "IP Score option" is an advanced Proxy Detection module we have built-in that detects all types of proxies: Open, Public, Private, Transparent, SOCKS, Residential and more. This module is a real-time fraud score that analyzes how likely your website users engage in fraudulent behavior. Use this advanced option to increase the security of your campaigns and to block fraudulent traffic/users in real-time at a higher level of accuracy.

Under Review Mode

The Under Review Mode is an excellent option to let the cloaker block IPs automatically for you while your cloaked campaigns are paused, and your ad network campaign is under review. When you activate this option, our cloaker will block the user IP who visits your safe site while the cloaking campaign is paused. Use this option to automatically protect your campaigns while under review, and to build fraud patterns in real-time.

Wordpress & Shopify Integration

We provide a custom-made WP plugin to integrate with your Wordpress site to make the cloaking integration super easy, even for the non tech savvy users. Our WP plugin supports all scripts: PHP (Redirection VS No Redirection), JS and custom combined scripts (PHP + JS). Also, inside we have a detailed Shopify integration guide so you dont need to buy domains, just use your Shopify domain to cloak your site using any cloaking method you like ( Redirect, No Redirect, PHP & JS ).


  • What niches can I promote with your cloaking platform ?

    You can use our platform for all possible niches except from illegal ones. For example, we won't allow campaigns that promote: hacking, phishing, illegal drugs / acts etc, but we do allow niches such as: Diets, Adult Dating, Weight Loss etc.
  • Does the cloaking platform support mobile traffic ?

    Of course. You can run mobile campaigns with our platform pretty easily and can set device filters for each campaign as well.
  • Does the cloaking platform support All Locations ?

    Yes, you can target any location you want or several locations per the campaign. Also, you can assign different landers to different locations. You obviously have to make sure that the locations you target in your PPC / PPV account overlaps with the locations set in your cloaked campaigns. Note, a location can be any country, region or city in the world.
  • How fast is the platform response time ?

    Our Platform is SaaS-based hosted on a servers cluster consists of 10 powerful dedicated servers spread around the world which are loaded behind load balancers. This network design makes our platform ultra fast, no downtimes ever, guaranteed (if one server goes down, 9 are still available), and finally, no clickloss. Your hits are documented in real-time and a response from our server is less than 100ms.
  • Is hits reporting in real-time?

    Yes. Since real-time reporting is fundamental in paid & organic campaigns, hits are reported in real-time. Plus, you can view your campaigns' analytics data, and download .csv reports of each campaign you have.
  • What kind of traffic the cloaking platform blocks ?

    Apart from bots & crawlers, our platform also blocks bad traffic identified with: DataCenters, Hosting & VPS servers, virtual private networks (VPN), anonymous & private proxies, satellite providers, clouds IPs providers, public & residential proxies and many more.
  • Does the cloaking platform support IPV6 type of IPs ?

    Of course. Our cloaking platform supports both the traditional IPV4 & the new IPV6 ips format and we block & monitor fraudulent traffic coming from both type of IPs.
  • Does the cloaking platform allows integration with 3rd party trackers, like: Voluum, Prosper, Imobi, Cpvlab etc ?

    Yes, you can easily integrate any tracker that is based on dynamic parameters passing with our platform (like: like: Voluum, Prosper, Imobi, Cpvlab).
  • How often does the platform get updated ?

    Our cloaker is updated on a daily basis. Apart from IP (and other fingerprints) updates, the platform itself is upgraded almost every month. As our client, you will not pay extra for the added features and/or updates we implement every now and then.
  • Is the cloaking platform based on redirects only ?

    No, you can use file includes (zero redirects) with our platform to make your campaigns more secure. You have a detailed built-in guide about this.
  • Can I upgrade my package any time ?

    Yes, upgrading is very easy and is done via your account. In case you want to upgrade your package mid month, contact our support.
  • What type of support is offered ?

    Since cloaking is a luxurious & sensitive method, we treat our clients very personally. So, once you become our client, you will enjoy live support via Skype/Telegram (email is also an option, though we prefer chatting), hand-in-hand guidance, and access to our video tutorials.
  • What do I need to get started ?

    You will have to apply first to our service by filling out the contact form. If approved, you will get all the data by our support team.

Pricing Tables

We offer two types of packages: Monthly-Based, and Pay-as-you-go. With Monthly-Based packages, your monthly price is fixed but you are not limited to the amount of traffic our platform handles & filters. This package is an excellent solution for advanced affiliate marketers who deal with big budgets and push mass traffic on a daily/monthly basis. Pay-as-you-go packages are limited by traffic, are cheaper and are not dependant on time. Such packages are good for affiliate marketers with small budgets who are still at testing stage of certain niches and push little traffic.

Monthly Plans

Basic Plan
  • $399 /month
  • Up to 5 active campaigns at once
  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Access to all Networks
  • IP-Intelligence Support
  • Live Support
Advanced Plan
  • $619 /month
  • Up to 10 active campaigns at once
  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Access to all Networks
  • IP-Intelligence Support
  • Live support
Pro Plan
  • $1,199 /month
  • Up to 20 active campaigns at once
  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Access to all Networks
  • IP-Intelligence Support
  • Live support
Elite Plan
  • $1,999 /month
  • Up to 40 active campaigns at once
  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Exclusive API Access
  • Access to all Networks
  • IP-Intelligence Support
  • Live support

Pay as you go Plans

Basic Plan
  • $219 /10,000 clicks
  • Limited to 10,000 clicks
  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Access to all Networks
  • IP-Intelligence Support
  • Live support
Advanced Plan
  • $349 /30,000 clicks
  • Limited to 30,000 clicks
  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Access to all Networks
  • IP-Intelligence Support
  • Live support
Pro Plan
  • $579 /50,000 clicks
  • Limited to 50,000 clicks
  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Access to all Networks
  • IP-Intelligence Support
  • Live support
Elite Plan
  • $1,099 /100,000 clicks
  • Limited to 100,000 clicks
  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Access to all Networks
  • IP-Intelligence Support
  • Live support

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Get In Touch

As a result of high demand and in an effort to keep our current clients & service secured from potential fraud, we accept new clients based on our private considerations. If you think you qualify for our service, fill out the following form, and we will get back to you if it meets our terms. Please pay attention that we would like to keep our clients' pool as small, unique and experienced as possible hence we save our rights to respond to the relevant messages only.