What They Said About Us

I have improved my leads quality in 3 days thanks to JustCloakIt.com cloaking platform. Affiliates, this platform is for you!
Stephen Jackob, CEO
Fast and secured cloaking platform, I get 100% real targeted traffic - no more bots, crawlers, spy tools and scanners and undesired irrelevant traffic. I truly recommend.
Roy Fender, Online Marketing Expert
An innovative high-end platform that protects your websites & campaigns. I have tried several cloaking & fraud detection services before, justcloakit.com seems to work best for me.
Jacob Hall,Affiliate Manager
Apart from its excellent GUI, built-in modules & features, and impressive abilities in fraud detection, their online support is amazing! They simply offer live support - what else you need more ?
Jean Garnier,CPA Offers Expert

About Us

Just Cloak It is a boutique private service for Cloaking & Fraud Prevention specifically aimed at on-line marketers who are interested in improving their Lead Quality & ROI by protecting their links and reducing fraudulent traffic. We currently monitor millions of visits daily and serve over 3,000 clients worldwide. Our Fraud Prevention & Cloaking platform blocks fraud and undesired visits in real-time thus keeping our clients' websites secured & sealed from undesired traffic.

Just Cloak It, originally designed for filtering "bad" visits and reduce fraud, supports the major networks as well as monitoring organic visits and traffic. By using our advanced platform, you can view your traffic in real-time, set custom filters and apply other advanced features & modules to come up with the perfect, most suited, settings of your campaigns.

Our Skills

  • Fraud Prevention & Traffic Monitoring
  • Cloaking Solutions & Traffic Filtering
  • Locations Targeting & Matching
  • Links & Websites Protection