• What niches can I promote with your cloaking platform ?

    You can use our platform for all possible niches except from illegal ones. For example, we won't allow campaigns that promote: hacking, phishing, illegal drugs / acts etc, but we do allow niches such as: Diets, Adult Dating, Weight Loss etc.
  • Does the cloaking platform support mobile traffic ?

    Of course. You can run mobile campaigns with our platform pretty easily and can set device filters for each campaign as well.
  • Does the cloaking platform support All Locations ?

    Yes, you can target any location you want or several locations per the campaign. Also, you can assign different landers to different locations. You obviously have to make sure that the locations you target in your PPC / PPV account overlaps with the locations set in your cloaked campaigns. Note, a location can be any country, region or city in the world.
  • How fast is the platform response time ?

    Our Platform is SaaS-based hosted on a servers cluster consists of 10 powerful dedicated servers spread around the world which are loaded behind load balancers. This network design makes our platform ultra fast, no downtimes ever, guaranteed (if one server goes down, 9 are still available), and finally, no clickloss. Your hits are documented in real-time and a response from our server is less than 100ms.
  • Is hits reporting in real-time?

    Yes. Since real-time reporting is fundamental in paid & organic campaigns, hits are reported in real-time. Plus, you can view your campaigns' analytics data, and download .csv reports of each campaign you have.
  • What kind of traffic the cloaking platform blocks ?

    Apart from bots & crawlers, our platform also blocks bad traffic identified with: DataCenters, Hosting & VPS servers, virtual private networks (VPN), anonymous & private proxies, satellite providers, clouds IPs providers, public & residential proxies and many more.
  • Does the cloaking platform support IPV6 type of IPs ?

    Of course. Our cloaking platform supports both the traditional IPV4 & the new IPV6 ips format and we block & monitor fraudulent traffic coming from both type of IPs.
  • Does the cloaking platform allows integration with 3rd party trackers, like: Voluum, Prosper, Imobi, Cpvlab etc ?

    Yes, you can easily integrate any tracker that is based on dynamic parameters passing with our platform (like: like: Voluum, Prosper, Imobi, Cpvlab).
  • How often does the platform get updated ?

    Our cloaker is updated on a daily basis. Apart from IP (and other fingerprints) updates, the platform itself is upgraded almost every month. As our client, you will not pay extra for the added features and/or updates we implement every now and then.
  • Is the cloaking platform based on redirects only ?

    No, you can use file includes (zero redirects) with our platform to make your campaigns more secure. You have a detailed built-in guide about this.
  • Can I upgrade my package any time ?

    Yes, upgrading is very easy and is done via your account. In case you want to upgrade your package mid month, contact our support.
  • What type of support is offered ?

    Since cloaking is a luxurious & sensitive method, we treat our clients very personally. So, once you become our client, you will enjoy live support via Skype/Telegram (email is also an option, though we prefer chatting), hand-in-hand guidance, and access to our video tutorials.
  • What do I need to get started ?

    You will have to apply first to our service by filling out the contact form. If approved, you will get all the data by our support team.